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Bayside Anchor | Portland Housing Authority | Portland, ME

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55.95 kilowatt solar electric array installed for Bayside Anchor-Portland Housing Authority in Portland, Maine by ReVision Energy.

In 2016 Portland Housing Authority teamed up with Kaplan Thompson Architects and Wright Ryan Construction to build an affordable housing complex that will provide 45 new rental units in downtown Portland.

Portland Housing Authority helps Portland residents find better homes for affordable prices based on their salary. This apartment building has leak-free building enclosures and fresh air heat recovery ventilation systems in all the rooms. On the ground floor will be a head start classroom, housing authority offices, and a community police station, “becoming a true anchor of the neighborhood,” Kaplan Thompson Architects states.

To offset the energy the building uses, ReVision Energy installed 167 solar electric panels on the roof. This 55 kilowatt system is estimated to produce 69,932 kilowatt hours of clean, solar energy each year for the next 40 or more years. The solar array will offset almost 3,800 gallons of gasoline consumed on an annual basis. The solar array was funded through a Power Purchase Agreement meaning there is no upfront cost to the Portland Housing Authority.

Electricity generated by this array will feed into the apartment building first, then, if the solar generation exceeds the demand of the building, the excess power will be sent to the grid where the utility keeps track of each kilowatt hour in the form of a credit. The credits will then be stored on the account of the complex until needed in future months.

Maine is an ideal state to harness solar energy; we receive 33% more of the sun’s energy than Germany, the world leader in solar installations. Solar energy is a safe and reliable way to reduce one’s dependence on fossil fuels. When companies team up to build with the highest efficiency in mind, they create an opportunity for 100% renewable energy sources and negate the need for oil and natural gas. Bayside Anchor will be a bright addition to our Portland community for generations to come.

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