Share Your Solar

Share your Solar Experience

Did you know 77% of people are more likely to make a life change (like going solar) when learning about it from family or friends? Our Solar Champions play a crucial role in achieving our just and equitable future by helping us spread the word about solar energy.

Here are four ways you can share the sun right from your own couch:

1. Be Social! Take a Solar Selfie...


Post a photo of you in front of your array to your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram page, and write a caption about why you love solar energy. Don’t forget to tag ReVision (@revisionsolar) so we can share it too!

share your solar social media.png...or share your "behind the scenes" solar.

A big part of growing our solar movement involves teaching others about the benefits of solar power. Sharing a behind-the-scenes look at your own solar system is a great way to teach those who are new to solar a bit about the solar power process. Plus, people love seeing those happy solar charts!

Post a screenshot of your production monitoring and we guarantee you’ll have people eager to learn more. 


CoteFamilyPhoto.jpg2. Join our Solar Champions Facebook Group

This is a private group where our customers share tips and tricks about making the most of their solar technology. There have been discussions about which EV to buy, comparisons in sun exposure, and more. Plus, we hold raffles, creative contests, and other special opportunities for our Solar Champions! 

Join our Facebook Group here

3. Leave a Review

boy sunsquatch.jpgOur online reviews and testimonials are increasingly important as new homeowners use the internet to research solar and are eager to hear from their community members who have already joined the solar movement.

If you enjoyed your experience with ReVision, share it with others who are interested in solar!

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4. Refer a Friend or Neighbor

This is one of the best ways to actively grow our community of solar enthusiasts, and help spread access to solar and its benefits. You can use ReVision’s Share the Sun Referral program to invite friends, families, and even your favorite small business to meet with our team and start their solar journey.

CoteCouple_Resize.jpgAs a thanks, we give our customers a reward for every person they send our way, so you can refer as many future Solar Champions as you’d like!

Use our Share the Sun program to refer a friend