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Soltage Acton | Acton, ME

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    Soltage Acton Array

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    Soltage Acton Solar Project

This 4.2 megawatt solar array, installed in Acton, ME, generates clean, solar energy for multiple towns, organizations, and school districts, including the Brunswick and Topsham Water District, the Brunswick Sewer District, RSU5 (Freeport, Durham and Pownal), the Town of Yarmouth, and Food City, Inc.

Comprised of 11,040 solar panels, the large ground mounted array produces approximately 5,650,934 kilowatt hours of clean energy each year. That is enough power to offset 75% - 80% of electric usage for the multiple off-takers,

The solar project was installed by our Maine team in partnership with Soltage, a national independent renewable energy provider. It was financed through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), which means there was no upfront cost for the off-takers. Instead, an investor (in this case, ReVision Energy) paid for the upfront cost while the project members pay for the power generated from the project each month, rather than paying for power from the grid.

Here is how the multi-town solar array is divided among the municipalities and organizations it serves:

RSU5 (Freeport, Durham, and Pownal) | 1,870 kW allocation - 2,520,000 kWh annually

Brunswick and Topsham Water District | 872 kW allocation - 1,175,000 kWh annually

Brunswick Sever District | 631 kW allocation - 850,000 kWh annually

Food City, Inc. | 604 kW allocation - 814,017 kWh annually

Town of Yarmouth | 417 kW allocation - 561,917 kWh annually

Total | 5,650,934 kWh | 4.2 megawatts | 100% of project

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