Apprenticeship Program

Take your future into your own hands with the ReVision Electrical Apprenticeship Program.

Do you enjoy hands-on work and active problem solving? Are you interested in clean energy? Whether you have a high school diploma, college experience, or a related or unrelated degree, our electrical apprenticeship is a great path into clean energy! 

The ReVision Energy Electrical Apprenticeship Program (REEAP) includes:
  • 4 years of work and training to achieve a nationally-recognized electrical license 
  • On-the-Job Training (OJT) hours while building projects to fight the climate crisis
  • A flexible class schedule that combines online and hands-on class work
  • Industry best practices related to installation and safety
  • Reciprocal licensing opportunities

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Our apprenticeship program is the start to a rewarding career in a growing industry. As a licensed apprentice, you will gain on-the-job learning, technical instruction, and job advancement opportunities through leadership skills development and mentorship:

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revision-solar-installer-jobs.jpegREEAP is a 4-year apprenticeship program registered with the Department of Labor (DOL) in the states of Maine and New Hampshire. The program provides the 8,000 total hours of paid work experience, 600 total hours of online classroom instruction, and exam preparation for state licensure. It also qualifies employee-owners for two crucial positions at ReVision: Solar Installer - Electrical Apprentice and Solar Service Technician - Electrical Apprentice.

REEAP breaks down to 2,000 work experience hours and 150 online classroom hours per year. The online classroom expectation is 5 hours per week to supplement on-the-job learning. 

We developed the ReVision Energy Electrical Apprenticeship Program (REEAP) through our in-house ReVision Energy Training Center to help solve the labor shortage facing our industry. The U.S. is projected to only have 40% of the electricians we need to meet our country's 2030 climate goals. Through REEAP we are training and mentoring talented electricians across our branches in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

Solar Service electrician team.jpgREEAP is designed to grow with our mission.

Conventional trade schools often require students to leave the workforce or attend evening classes multiple nights a week, which creates extended days for workers who are already working in the field full-time. As an in-house, registered apprenticeship program, REEAP provides on-the-job learning, online instruction, and in-person instruction in a manner that complements the professional and personal lives of ReVision Energy employees.

To meet the needs of our rising electricians, our electrical team, and our solar company as a whole, we tailor and evolve the apprenticeship program as needed, and ensure its numerous advantages:

  1. The cost of the apprenticeship program is covered by the Training Center.
  2. As an in-house program, REEAP is designed to be more balanced and worker-friendly than other conventional options.
  3. The program offers a mix of on-the-job learning, online instruction, and in-person training, enabling participants to earn while they learn.  
  4. The more electricians that gain their electrical license through REEAP, the more apprentices we can employ on projects, since licensed electricians can supervise up to two new apprentices. That means exponential growth of our electrician workforce!

REEAP significantly elevates the opportunity for our employee-owners to earn valuable trade skills and licensing that will set them up for a lifetime of success in the electrical trade. The program also allows ReVision to promote quality and respond to increasingly stringent state and federal regulations concerning the installation of solar electric systems and complementary technologies.

To sustain our mission, ReVision is growing the solar workforce with a focus on equity and increasing access to careers within the solar industry. Building a well-rounded company that better represents our communities brings more perspective, creativity, and collaboration to our work. Through REEAP, we are intentionally focused on bringing career opportunities to those who have historically been excluded from the construction trades, including women, veterans, and those who are indigenous, black, or brown.​​​​​​

revision electrical apprentice.jpegREEAP is designed to constantly evolve to the needs of its participants to promote a comfortable and constructive (and fun!) learning environment where all can thrive.

"I had never worked in construction or done anything electrical. We get a lot of on-the-job training that consists of some online classes and some in-person workshops, which is schooling us to become electricians. It's definitely really cool, I'm really glad I'm a part of it."

- Jessie, Solar Installer & Electrical Apprentice

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