Power Purchase Agreements

Buy clean power from a solar array at no upfront cost.

dartmouth-drone-edit-2.jpegsolar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), is an innovative financial structure which eliminates the #1 barrier to a school, nonprofit, or municipality going solar – access to upfront capital.

PPAs allow certain entities, who cannot access the upfront capital, to enjoy the benefits of clean solar power by partnering with a private solar investor who funds the solar project.

Benefits of a solar PPA project with ReVision Energy:

  • No upfront cost
  • Path to ownership
  • Avoid utility rate hikes
  • Lowest long-term power cost vs. any other source
  • Savings to invest back into community
  • Carbon pollution reduction
  • Dedicated service from the region’s premier local installer (that's us!)

keene_housing_drone_mc-400x300.jpgIn 2020, ReVision completed the third solar project for Keene Housing in New Hampshire, thanks to a solar PPA. These solar projects contribute to Keene Housing’s long-term goal of 100% renewable energy by 2035, and the greater goal of increasing access to solar in communities across New England.

“We are very excited to take this next step towards reaching our goal of being 100% renewable by 2035,” said Keene Housing executive director Josh Meehan. “Thanks to our partnership with ReVision we’re reducing our operating costs while significantly reducing our real estate portfolio’s carbon footprint.”

The PPA gives Keene Housing the ability to leverage the economic and environmental benefits of solar power with no upfront cost. Instead, the solar projects are funded by impact investors, granting these partners an opportunity to make community investments that express their commitment to environmental sustainability. The three arrays built through the PPA are expected to save Keene Housing almost $3 million in electricity costs over the lifetime of the systems.

PPAs are also a great option for schools. ReVision Energy has worked with numerous public and private schools to develop solar projects and bring financial and environmental benefits to their educational communities.

Featured PPA Projects

Transitioning to solar is a powerful statement to your community that renewable energy from the sun is a viable solution for New England. Rather than purchasing carbon credits or other forms of offsetting fossil fuels, a solar investment is incredibly tangible and a statement of your organization’s commitment to a clean energy future.

Dover-High-school-solar-ppa-600x391.jpgInstead of requiring a capital investment, ReVision Energy pairs tax-exempt organizations with local, mission-motivated solar impact investors. The investor purchases and builds a solar array at the host organization’s location, and sells the solar power back to the host at below-market rates.

Financing, Ownership, & Support

With no upfront costs, solar PPAs or low-interest loans ensure competitive electricity rates for the host, and a cashflow positive investment with savings greater than the PPA cost/loan payment from day 1. The exact pricing of the offer will vary based on market, size of array, and other technical variables. 

Innovative Financing Tool

PPA financing offers solutions to the challenges standing between non-taxed organizations that cannot choose the Direct Pay option and their potential solar savings:  

  1. Investor owns/operates solar at no cost to the host
  2. Host buys discounted solar power and has option to buy array after 5 years
  3. Host locks in energy savings for decades to come

To be eligible for a PPA, the system in question needs to be a minimum of 100kW.

Long-Term Ownership

ReVision Energy PPAs offer a 6-20 year term, with a flexible discounted early buyout option after 5 years. Long-term ownership ensures the lowest long-term levelized cost of electricity from any source at 50%-75% below existing or projected utility costs while cutting carbon pollution.

Long-Term Support

As part of a PPA roll-out and through the lifetime of the project, customers receive continued support from ReVision Energy's robust marketing team. Complimentary assets like signage, online real-time performance monitoring links, drone photography, website and social media content, and logistical support for celebratory events provide visibility to new projects. Longer term support includes materials for educational purposes (employees, community, etc.), press/media relations, and more that is developed to ensure continued visibility and relevance. 

The Road to an Installed Solar PPA

Once we receive this information, our system designers will evaluate your site for solar opportunities, and present you with a detailed proposal that can be shared with your organization.

We are a full service design, engineering, and installation company with an unmatched depth of experience in Northern New England. Since launching our PPA program over a decade ago, our in-house engineering, development, and installation teams have successfully financed and installed dozens of solar PPA projects for tax-exempt institutions in New England.

Expert Design and Installation

Service-team-commercial-operation-600x400.jpgReVision Energy’s Design & Engineering team has completed designs for over 5,000 commercial, industrial, and institutional (CI&I) solar projects since 2003. With streamlined installation, we eliminate the confusion and difficulty of working with multiple subcontractors.

Our teams of licensed electricians and apprentices have installed hundreds of CI&I systems as part of our growing portfolio of over 10,000 commercial and residential clean energy systems. Our technicians hold the NABCEP certification, the industry’s highest level of training and accreditation. Our project supervisors hold master electrician and master plumber licenses to ensure that every completed system is code-compliant and qualifies for government financial incentives.

Quality Products, Quality Service

ReVision’s in-house Operations and Maintenance (O&M) service division actively monitors and serves our commercial solar systems throughout northern New England, including the dozens of large-scale municipal projects we have installed and numerous systems owned by third-party investors. Our standard O&M process is to monitor system performance every month and quickly mobilize service personnel to address any issues. Our dedicated service team works around the clock to meet the customer’s needs.

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