Benefits & Culture

Purposeful Work with Generous Benefits

The success of our mission is fueled by our people. ReVision Energy aims to develop a well-rounded and diverse company that welcomes and supports employee-owners of all backgrounds, identities, and expertise, united in our mission to build a more sustainable and just society. We offer rewarding benefits and foster a team culture that reflects our commitment to putting our hard-working employees first.

2022 best for our workers.pngBuilding a cleaner, more equitable future is hard work, so we take care of our teams. To meet the higher standard set by B Corp certification, we are constantly improving our business practices and employee-focused policies.

We believe in rewarding people for their dedication and exemplary work. For the past three years, we have been identified as a Best for the World™ company for workers due to our competitive wages, benefits, and constructive work environment.

Benefits & Perks

We offer several benefits and programs designed to support wellness as a whole. We strive to continually improve our benefits and provide the tools our employee-owners need to care for themselves and their families:


Invest in Yourself

Employee-owned, employee-focused. 

Our employee-ownership allows every person at ReVision to receive all the benefits of equity built over time.

Health is wealth. 

We offer medical coverage, including an HSA with an annual match up to $1,000, as well as dental, vision, long and short-term disability (employer paid), critical illness, and life insurance.

Lifelong learning is a key value. 

Our Training Center sets up programs for our workers to develop the skills and knowledge they need to excel, personally and professionally. Every employee also receives a yearly learning stipend.



Support your Family

Working hard means resting hard. 

In addition to 7 paid holidays, we offer a start of 80 flexible PTO hours. In 2021, we launched a paid week off in July so our teams could take a collective break.

Your family is our family. 

We support all caregivers with a paid family leave policy, which also applies to adoption, and injury or illness of self or family member. Additional support for new parents includes flexible hours, rooms for breastfeeding mothers, and more.

Find support within and beyond. 

We connect with each other and our communities through paid volunteer hours, team events, employee resource groups, and our JEDI pillars.



Build your Future

Save for the future we're building. 

Every full-time employee is eligible for a 401(k) plan after a year of work and can receive a no-cap employer match up to 4%.

Work together, profit together. 

Profit sharing results in long term wealth creation through our ESOP and 401(k) options, and yearly company-wide compensation increases (separate from bonuses and promotions).

Go solar – with perks! 

Employees that put solar on their home, or install any of our products, can receive an interest-free loan that comes right out of their paycheck.

We're building the best workforce to build our solar-powered future.

Recognizing the intersectional relationship between environmentalism and social justice, ReVision is focused on hiring and supporting employee-owners of all backgrounds and identities, united in our mission to build a more sustainable and just society. We believe the diverse experiences, talents, and perspectives of our team enhance our ability to collaborate and solve the problems standing in the way of our mission.

While we are not yet where we want to be, we are continuously working towards meeting specific hiring goals to achieve a more inclusive, well rounded, and multifaceted team. We also encourage employee-owners to create or join (or both!) initiatives focused on supporting traditionally marginalized groups and growing inclusion within ReVision and the greater climate justice movement.

  1. Collective ActivismSocial justice is inseparable from climate action. We are committed to advocating for racial and social justice alongside our solar work. We do this as a team, mobilizing co-owners and our community to support policies, share resources, join rallies and town halls, and further social equity on a local and national level. 

  2. Opportunities for Growth We can't accomplish our mission without a talented, growing workforce. ReVision is committed to increasing awareness and access to clean energy jobs, through equity focused partnerships, community outreach and resources, and reducing barriers to education and training opportunities like our Apprenticeship Program.

  3. Support for Each Other​​​We encourage our co-owners to take part in internal groups that provide support, mentorship, and shared experiences for minority groups within our company. Existing efforts are focused on those who identify as women, transgender, nonbinary, LGBTQ+ members, and veterans, with opportunity for more employee support groups. 

What's it like to work at ReVision?

People join ReVision with a variety of differing backgrounds, experiences, and interests, excited to bring their skills and perspectives to their work every day. United by a vision of a better future, we cherish the opportunity work and learn together and cheer each other on along the way. We value hard work but expect our co-owners to honor their wellbeing and boundaries; you can't help build a better future if aren't bringing your best self to work.

“ReVision has a great attitude towards using people’s talents and fostering what people are interested in and passionate about . . . as a trades person, you’re not going to get that anywhere else.”

– Joe, Master Electrician

“This isn’t just a job, it's a powerful mission that gets me up in the morning and enriches my life with a whole new sense of meaning.”

– Erik, Solar Design Specialist

“Everyone that works at ReVision is awesome; we’re all here for the same reason and I think that our mission and values support all of us in this endeavor."

– Jessie, Solar Installer & Electrical Apprentice

Meet some of our Employee-Owners: