Sunbug Acquisition

Sunbug Solar is joining our Mission!

Revision energy sunbug solar team sq.jpgWe are excited to share the news of ReVision Energy’s acquisition of Sunbug Solar, a mission-driven, Massachusetts-based solar company. Sunbug Solar is a fellow B Corp, with 14 years of experience installing and maintaining solar projects in the Bay State.

We are thrilled to welcome them onto our employee-owned team as we advance our mission to build a more equitable and efficient electrified future in New England.  

"The alignment between our two companies is extremely strong,” says Sunbug CEO Janice DiPietro. "We share common values, processes, and an unwavering commitment to do right by our employees, customers, and the communities we serve.” Janice will be joining ReVision's senior leadership team. 

installers waving_mailchimp.jpgAs ReVision grows, we have been looking for a strong, mission-aligned solar partner to join forces with, and found one in Sunbug Solar. We will continue to share more about this news in the coming months, and welcome the Sunbug team to our strong community of employee-owners and Solar Champions!

Since 2009, Sunbug has served residential and commercial customers in Massachusetts, providing best-in-class solar solutions while navigating the complexities of the state’s rapidly growing renewable energy landscape. A Certified B Corp and member of the Amicus Cooperative, they prioritize people and the planet in all they do. They are a leader in the Massachusetts solar space, with a proven record of high-quality installations and excellent customer service.  


Making Life Better Together: 

Joining forces with Sunbug benefits everyone working to further our mission – our team, our customers, and our communities. The Sunbug team brings with them resources and positive, impact-driven business practices that will support the growth of our work in Massachusetts and beyond:  

  1. Mission-Driven: Like ReVision Energy, Sunbug is united by a shared mission and set of values that show up in the daily work they do. We are excited by the overlap in our teams’ values: Responsibility and Accountability, Curiosity and Continuous Improvement, Clarity and Integrity, Excellence and Quality, and a belief in the power of Kindness, Diversity, and Humanity.
  2. Proud B Corp: Both companies are Certified B Corps, putting people and planet before profit. Together we are proving that using business as a force for good is also good for business. 
  3. Amicus Member: As a fellow member of the Amicus Cooperative, a national collective of independent, mission-driven solar companies, Sunbug has collaborated with ReVision in the past.  
  4. Local Experts: We live and work in the communities we serve. With the increased presence of large national solar corporations performing low-quality installations across Massachusetts, ReVision Energy and Sunbug are committed to providing technical excellence and genuine long-term service to our customers. 

To meet the state’s climate goals of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, Massachusetts will need to install between 27 and 34 GW of solar energy. This is more than 10 times the amount of solar currently installed in Massachusetts and will require rapid acceleration of solar development at a residential and commercial scale. This transition must be done in a way that is equitable, cost-effective, and inclusive of our most vulnerable communities. ReVision believes this can be achieved through collaboration, rather than competition.  

We’ve had a long relationship with Sunbug Solar through our mutual membership in the Amicus Cooperative and share the mission to electrify the future in a fair and just way. Together, we will expedite the renewable energy revolution and help more Massachusetts residents access this valuable resource. 

—Fortunat Mueller, CEO and President of ReVision Energy 

dave ashp square_edit.pngWith our acquisition of Sunbug, ReVision will bring our range of all-electric technology – heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, battery storage, and EV chargers – to Sunbug’s community, allowing new and existing customers to further reduce household dependence on fossil fuels.

Working together, our teams can effectively advocate for clean energy regulation and provide a comprehensive range of solar and clean energy solutions to all Massachusetts communities.  

Hear more from Fortunat and Janice about the acquisition and why ReVision and Sunbug are such a good fit.