Operations & Maintenance

Custom, Site-Specific Support for Schools, Municipalities, and Nonprofits

operations & maintenance team.jpgThe ReVision Energy vision is for our kids and grandkids to enjoy a clean environment and a just society throughout New England. Our experienced Operations and Maintenance (O&M) team is committed to supporting businesses like yours who share this vision by optimizing the returns on your solar energy investment.

Protecting your Solar Investment

Our O&M division actively cares for hundreds of projects across Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. This includes dozens of large-scale municipal projects, serving communities all across New England. 

In addition to municipal systems, we also protect the solar investments of schools, nonprofits and community solar farms. We take pride in supporting our local organizations and helping the communities they serve!

Customized Service Packages

Service-team-commercial-operation-600x400.jpgReVision’s O&M service packages are designed to optimize system performance and protect the quality and longevity of your solar energy investment. We do this in a cost-effective manner by offering customized packages specific to the size of your solar energy system that include the appropriate frequency of preventative system inspections and remote performance monitoring.

“Major” System Inspections focus both on enhancing the system’s structural and electrical integrity AND optimizing system performance. “Minor” System Inspections are less intensive and focus solely on optimizing system performance. By incorporating Minor System Inspections into maintenance schedules, system owners can maximize the benefits of their solar energy system by minimizing maintenance costs while feeling confident that their system is performing optimally.

Certified Industry Expertise

ReVision's O&M office team monitors your system's production by accessing real-time production data from your system's data acquisition system(s). When action is needed, we initiate the remote troubleshooting process and work with the appropriate equipment manufacturer to resolve the issue remotely.

If a site visit is needed, we dispatch one our highly experienced O&M technicians, who are the heart and soul of our O&M Division. Our O&M technicians (certified master electricians) have multiple years of experience installing and maintaining solar energy systems and have access to the resources of an organization with hundreds of years of combined solar experience.

Dominant Regional Presence

amicus O&M solar.pngReVision has more O&M technicians licensed and located in the states we serve than any other solar O&M provider. For system owners, this means quick response times and reduced system downtime, which contributes to optimized system performance.

We are also a member of the Amicus Operations & Maintenance Cooperative, a national organization comprised of regional solar O&M providers that collaborate to establish and elevate industry standards.

24/7 Dedicated Support

Our O&M team is comprised of talented electricians, technicians, and a dedicated in-house operations staff that keeps our largest, most complex customer systems in operation and performing at their highest capacity.