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Give your home a superpower.

home solar savings with revision energyThere are many reasons to transition your home to solar power; from the financial benefits and cost-effective energy independence, to the long-term return on investments into your home, community, and planet.

Whether you go solar with rooftop solar panels, a ground mount, or through a ReVision Energy-built community solar farm, you’re protected from rising electric rates. For the full lifetime of your system, you will pay less for clean solar electricity than you would for dirty power from the utility company.

Solar, and its host of solar-powered technologies, reduces your family’s carbon footprint while bringing numerous advantages you will enjoy for years to come:

  • Solar is an economic opportunity — Lock in a low, consistent price of electricity for 30+ years, while enjoying a significant return on investment thanks to incentives like the 30% Federal Tax Credit, financing options, and reliable performance.
  • Solar builds a better world for future generations — Going solar is the best way to reduce carbon pollution from coal, oil, and gas power plants. Power from the sun is an abundant resource, and solar is the most promising technology for transitioning humankind from fossil fuels to a clean energy economy.
  • Solar grants energy independence — Installing solar will make you less reliant on the power grid and on centralized, fossil fuel burning energy sources. Instead, you will support local power and stay immune to utility rate hikes.
  • Solar is just the start — Solar power is versatile and can be generated and used in a variety of ways. It can work on your roof, on the ground, or in a neighboring town. It can heat and cool your spaces, charge your vehicles, and power your home in the case of an outage. Going solar is just the beginning!

We encourage those of you who want to know more to read our complete guide to going solar, 10 Reasons to Go Solar, which covers a variety of topics and benefits of solar power. 

  1. Sunshine Hits the PanelsSunlight causes electrons to move through the wiring connecting your home’s solar photovoltaic panels, creating direct current (DC) electricity. Grid-tied solar arrays require no batteries, no complex wiring, and no moving parts. Instead, they tie directly into the grid (hence the name) allowing you to use the grid itself as a big battery.
  2. A solar inverter converts DC power into AC powerThe DC electricity produced by the solar panels is inverted into alternating current (AC) electricity that can be used in your home. The AC electricity flows into your circuit panel and is available for any active electric loads: lights, television, computers, refrigerator, electric vehicles, and more. Learn more about solar inverters here.
  3. Excess power is sent to the gridIf your solar energy production exceeds your demand, the extra solar electricity is pushed from your home out to the grid. A separate meter tracks this exported electricity. This is called net metering; at the end of the month the utility will reconcile the difference between your solar production and electrical consumption, and you either earn a credit or are billed for the difference. Earned credits carry forward up to a year. Retail net metering is currently protected and accessible for new customers in all the states where we offer service: Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

Cost is the greatest inhibitor to going solar. Some people still believe the narrative that solar is a costly, finicky expense only accessible to the wealthiest among us. This is not true! ReVision knows that no two solar journeys are alike and works with every customer to find the most cost-effective and realistic option for their solar installation. 

There are several options for making the transition to solar more affordable and accessible. Financing and loans are a common way homeowners can install solar without paying a large upfront cost. Additionally, support such as federal incentives and local programs can add additional cost reduction to solar projects. 

Financing & Solar Loans

Whether you aren't able to pay a large upfront sum for a solar project, or you just feel more comfortable replacing your electric bill with a monthly loan payment, solar loans are a great option. A solar loan enables you to finance solar plus complementary tech—heat pumps, water heater, electric vehicle charger—all for an affordable monthly payment with no upfront cost. ReVision offers competitively-priced solar loans that allow you to own your power by going solar with a monthly loan payment.

Learn more about financing & solar loans →

Tax Credits & Incentives

Since 2005, the federal government has supported homeowners' transitions to solar through the Residential Clean Energy Credit, also known as the federal solar tax credit. This tax credit lets you claim 30% of the total cost of your solar system installation on your taxes. 

Learn more about the federal solar tax credit →

Local Solar Programs

Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts frequently offer resources and programs on a statewide or citywide level to increase accessibility to solar. ReVision is committed to bringing the benefits of solar to everyone in our communities, and focuses additional support on those who have historically been unable to access clean energy solutions. We encourage customer to explore programs in their home state and will help you take full advantage of those incentives.

Learn about solar support programs in New England →

Solar install Sept. 2018.jpgSolar electricity can power a variety of highly efficient household technologies like battery backup, electric vehicle charging, water heating, and air source heat pumps – introducing the very real possibility of a 100% renewable energy household. Our mission is to empower our communities through energy independence, and thus build a better, more just world for future generations.

In our 20+ years of business, ReVision Energy has installed over 15,000 solar and solar technology systems for homes and businesses in New England. Our commitment to quality, customer support, and doing good through our business (as a B Corp it's in our nature) means we work alongside you throughout your entire solar journey: from design to install to long-term service for the life of your system. 

Whether you are just solar-curious or are already committed to taking the first steps towards your solar-powered home, there are plenty of options available and the solar professionals at ReVision Energy are ready to advise you.

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