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With the recent expansion of its rooftop solar array, Filtrine Manufacturing Company now powers its entire operation with solar energy. The 793.1-kilowatt array installed in Fall 2019 includes 2,234 solar panels and generates over 900 megawatt-hours of solar electricity per year.

A 30-kilowatt array installed in 2013 includes 120 solar panels and supplies 35,000 kilowatt hours on an annual basis. Combined, the arrays offset Filtrine's entire electric load and represent one of the largest solar projects in the Monadnock Region. After a five-year payback period, the company will generate solar power at no cost for decades to come.

Filtrine, which was founded in 1901, has always been concerned about sustainability," according to President Peter Hansel. "Our products promote the wise use of water both for drinking and process applications, and we are committed to producing them with the least impact on our environment."

The solar arrays will offset 468 tons of carbon pollution annually, which is equivalent to taking 90 cars off the road or the carbon sequestered by 500 acres of forests. The carbon offset is also equivalent to the annual consumption of 984 barrels of oil or the annual electric load of 74 homes.

Five years ago, Filtrine contracted with students from Antioch University New England to evaluate its environmental footprint. The findings provided the manufacturer with a baseline from which to inform its decision-making and to evaluate its progress.

A one million BTU wood chip boiler installed two years ago by Froling Energy reduced the company's reliance on oil by 90%. Other improvements included the installation of solar hot water collectors, insulation, and LED lighting, in addition to the purchase of energy-efficient machinery.

Founded in 1901, Filtrine Manufacturing Company is an innovative leader in the design and manufacture of custom-built, high-quality, application-specific liquid chillers for industrial and medical processes, including explosion-proof, high and low ambient models; stainless steel and bronze drinking water fountains; bottle fillers; drinking water chillers; water purification and filtration systems. Filtrine(R) products are engineered and built with pride in the USA. Filtrine has the best warranties in the business and is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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